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Who is Mélanie?

An Author

  • This is my first published book with At Above And Beyond, delivering more that 100 channelled messages from Gaïa

  • I was invited to write about my father and what he meant to me in this collaborative book

  • I was invited to write about what friendships mean to me in this collaborative book

An Educator

My experience as a formal educator began at the Centre de Santé Communautaire Hamilton/Niagara, where I had the privilege of delivering The Child Assault Prevention Program (CAPS) in the French Elementary schools all over the Region of Niagara.

That adventure opened doors for my next chapter as a substitute teacher, and substitute EA with the Mon Avenir Catholic School Board. Upon receiving my College Diploma with Collège Boréal, I became a Certified Educational Assistant, which enabled me to pursue my passion work with special needs students over the next 16 years.

Later in life, I devoted most of my precious time to my three amazing children. Guiding their growth and development as they explored their own unique gifts and talents. Education has and continues to play an important role in my life.

Spiritually Intuitive

I was blessed from birth with many spiritual gifts such as Channelling, Mediumship, Communicating with Spirits, Visions and Predictions. This distinction brought unusual challenges in my youth, but I grew to appreciate these unique abilities and made use of my Divine given gifts to serve others.

As a young adult, I shared my gifts with only a few close friends and family, but in my thirties, I decided it was time to help humanity on a bigger scale. I began taking courses that fostered the expansion of my Intuition, which also included self-guided personal development and Shamanic teachings.

In 2015, I attended a retreat at an Ashram where I became a Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counsellor. There I experienced a great awakening, and my visions became clearer as did my purpose and inner calling.

Additional studies have led me to become a Certified Life Coach, Certified Assertiveness Coach, Certified Medium and Oracle Card Reader, as well as Certified Shamanic Healing and Property Clearing. I have blended all these teaching modalities to create my own Energetic Healing through Intuitive Energy and Emotional Guidance.

In 2021, I began receiving weekly channelled messages from the Divine Mother Earth Gaïa, I was called to gather like-minded people through the creation of an online community named Awakening Collective Consciousness and L’éveil de la conscience collective. These weekly meetings provide an open forum where participants can discuss and share experiences relating to spirituality. A channelled message from the Divine Mother Earth Gaïa is shared with the group, followed by a card reading, an inspirational song, affirmation, or a meditation.